Sharon Osbourne Loves How 'The Osbournes' Revealed Ozzy's Sense Of Humor

Ozzy Osbourne Announces "No More Tours 2" Final World Tour At Press Conference At His Los Angeles Home

Ozzy Osbourne Announces "No More Tours 2" Final World Tour At Press Conference At His Los Angeles Home

While some fans resent how heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne was often the butt of the joke on MTV's hit reality show The Osbournes, Sharon Osbourne says the show was a positive thing for the family.

Sharon said in a recent radio interview that she has no regrets about the series, which was the highest-rated original program in MTV's history when it debuted in 2002.

Despite establishing herself as a TV personality since The Osbournes' final episode in 2005, Sharon says the show was a hit entirely because of the access her husband allowed.

"He was the celebrity, and he's the one that took all the risks," she explained. "...He took a huge risk. And I think it paid off for Ozzy, 'cause people saw how funny he is — I mean, just hysterical. And he's just a teddy bear. And I look back at some of it from time to time, and I think, 'Oh, my God. He's so funny.'"

In addition to delivering plenty of laughs during Ozzy's misadventures, the show also chronicled Sharon's battle with colon cancer, as well as her children Jack and Kelly's issues with alcohol and drug abuse. Sharon acknowledges that the show probably made some hard times harder for the family, so she's glad they pulled the plug when they did.

"It was getting too much, and I'm glad that we stopped it before social media became what it was, 'cause people can be so cruel," she added. "The press were bad enough, but I can imagine peer groups of [Jack and Kelly's] online and what they would have said and done. It was cool. We had the best time of out lives. We have so much to look back on. Jack has so much to give to his girls to say, 'This was me at your age.' And that's a great family heirloom."

Ozzy himself has mixed feelings about the show; he's said that at times he felt like a "laboratory rat" and was drinking heavily throughout the filming. But he also defends his participation, noting that he was happy to take MTV's money at the time.

After a challenging 2018-19, Ozzy is probably relieved that cameras haven't been following him around as he's dealt with a variety of health setbacks.

Fortunately, singer's health is improving and he's expected to resume his postponed 'No More Tours 2' farewell tour next spring. Get all the tour dates here.

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