Justin Bieber Asks Fans: Do You People Also Like TOOL?

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It's unclear if Bieliebers are eagerly awaiting Tool's long-awaited new album due out this summer like the rest of us, but it's a good bet Justin Bieber himself is.

The pop superstar is apparently gearing up for the new Tool release by listening to the band's previous album, 10,000 Days this week. He shared lyrics from "The Pot" via his Instagram Story Thursday. Then, seemingly noting the dichotomy between his status in mainstream culture and Tool's status in the alternative/rock/metal world, Bieber asked fans if they could identify the lyrics (without looking them up).

Bieber then allowed the song's polyrhythmic first verse to play for his followers over five ensuing video posts, presumably to amuse/inspire himself with followers' comments.

You can see screen shots of Bieber's first two posts on the subject below. But what we'd all really like to see are those comments!

The whole thing is so perplexing, you'd think the members of Tool themselves arranged it. But Bieber comes off as completely genuine in his curiosity about his fans' musical horizons.

Bieber has expressed his appreciation of rock music before. He was caught singing the guitar lead to Metallica's "Fade to Black" in a dressing room a couple years ago and he famously dressed as Ozzy Osbourne to perform "Crazy Train" on a 2015 episode of Lip Sync Battle.

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