Cope's Review Of Disney Live Action Tim Burton, "DUMBO" Now Playing

Well when I asked my 15 year old daughter Cayley to go review the new live action, “Dumbo” with me. She said, “Isn’t that a Tim Burton version?” I don’t want to turn my childhood memories into scary memories.” She’s been scared at Burton flicks before. I said you have to see it for iHeart! The result? “I’m so glad we went! I really loved it and thought it was awesome! Dumbo is soooo cute!”

I agree. This was very mainstream Burton but still captured animated life as only he can. The kids are going to love Dumbo flying and getting even with hecklers in the circus audience. The main difference between this and the original 1941 classic is that the animals don’t talk. Communication is all done through emotion. Personally I want the animals to talk. That’s what a Disney film is to me, but that’s my only complaint. But it does change the original story a little because of that.

It was a Batman reunion for Burton with Danny Devito, Michael Keaton together again. Colin Farrell, Eva Green and Nico Parker (she’s one of the kids but has a great future) were all solid.

Take the family to see it you won’t be disappointed. Animation is great. 

3 stars. c

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