Ringo Starr To Teach New MasterClass On Drumming, Creativity

Ringo Starr is the newest instructor for MasterClass.

The beloved Beatles drummer and solo artist is ready to share what he's learned about music over six decades at the top of the pops.

Starr's MasterClass gives members an inside look at what sparked his love of music, how he approaches his favorite instrument — the drums — and his thoughts on creative collaboration.

"If I can give any piece of advice, it's to love what you're doing," said Starr. "In my class, I will not only teach members how to get started with drums but share how to bring creativity into anything they are passionate about and inspire them to work at something they love."

The two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame also shares insights about his early life and career, his time with The Beatles and his All-Starr Band and how he's used his principles of creativity to succeed beyond music.

Check out the trailer for Ringo's MasterClass above!

Go here to get more details on MasterClass!

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